Rocio Valenzuela

Skills: artist, dance, some horseback riding, makeup, graphic design

3 years modeling experience in high fashion editorials photoshoots, fashion show campaign, runway, & brand shoots mostly in Arizona and some in LA.
From a young age I was told I could be a model because of my height and look. I never really believed it until later when I got older I thought about it more & more but never knew how to start. Luckily, I had a good friend who was barely getting into photography and wanted to get better and also getting more involved in the fashion scene in Arizona so they helped me get started and network with great creatives.

What I love most about modeling is the creativity that goes into a photoshoot or a runway show. I’ve had the chance to put some of my own projects together and it’s allowed me to express myself. Through posing I’ve been able yo create and tell a story & bring others vision to life which I find greatly rewarding. I love sharing what I know with newer models and helping them break out of their comfort zone. This is awesome and we fall in love with our all over again. I’ve been painting and dabbling in different medias like a used to and have been able to express myself even more. I hope to have all my pieces in art museums all over the world and to host my own art shows with I just only my owner by other artists I admire as well.

Weight: 130
Measurements: Bust: 34in
Waist: 28in
Hips 36in
Height: 5’8
Shoes: 6 1/2
Dress: 4 or 6
Swimwear: small