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Julia Cecil

Hello my name is Julia Cecil and I am born and raised in Phoenix Arizona. I started modeling at 14 years old as a hobby and a favor for a friend who was getting into photography. I later realized this was the spark that led me to my passion of print photography and runway modeling.
I love modeling because you get to create and become a whole new person or character in order to give a certain look, feeling or sell a certain item. Being a chameleon and having the opportunity to take on a new role with each project is an incredible creative process to be part of.
I have done all types of print photography from commercial products to creative and artistic pieces. I have participated in many runway shows in both Phoenix and New York. I have also held seminars and lessons for runway walking and posing.
My ultimate goal in fashion is to work for large brands and luxury brands full time as a brand ambassador or «it girl». I would also love to be the face for change in the industry of what is acceptable as a working model. As a shorter woman at 5′ 5″ with a moderate amount of tattoos, I would love to help open doors for not only myself but everyday women in the future who look like me and are hoping for representation.
Queen Beauty Nevada 2020
Acted in Music Video 2020
Print Modeling: 2011 – Current
Runway Modeling: 2018 – Current
Skills: hair, makeup, posing, runway walk coach, fitness, acting, musician – percussion and piano (15+ yrs), swimming, dancing, hosting, interviewing, great with all animals.


Height -5’5″
Bust: 34
Waist: 25
Hips: 37
Dress Size: 0-2
Size; XS-S
Shoe: 5-6
Swimsuit: XS-S


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