Jaclyn Mona

With a lifelong love of fashion and an affinity for working the camera, Mona works hard to propel her career as a professional fashion model. As a mentor, Mona has always felt a deep sense of responsibility and privilege to serve as a role model for others. Mona is based out of Arizona. Having graduated from Arizona State University with a combined focus on Fashion and Communication, Mona endeavors to bring the fashion community something new to the table with her passion for the industry.
Mona grew up as a competitive hip-hop dancer. Her knowledge of getting stage ready happened organically and Mona soon found herself loving the process. This passion had her discovered at a local charity fashion show where she was asked by a designer to fill in for a model. Soon after, Mona has done multiple creative collaborations with magazine features occurring often. Mona is dreaming big in her pursuit for modeling.
Alongside her passion for fashion, Mona is fired up about higher education and giving back to her community. In 2017, Mona was awarded a full-tuition waiver of one of the nation’s most competitive scholarships, All-USA, as well as being a semi-finalist for the equally competitive Jack Kent Cooke scholarship. The process was long and rigorous, which led Mona to help found workshops for future transfer students to aid in the process. This included months’ long mentorship and speech presentation guidance. Since then, she has mentored a dozen students as well as a Boy’s and Girl’s Club star, each landing their own full-tuition waiver to the college of their choice.
Mona has been published in multiple print and online magazines, has worked with multiple local and international designer, beauty, and skincare brands for website and video campaigns. She is also highly experienced in commercial and catalogue work as well. Runway experience includes: Arizona Fashion Week, Plitz Fashion show, Los Angeles Fashion Week, Fashion Life Tour, Palm Spring Fashion Week, LAFW, and many more. Finally, she was one of 12 ambassadors for the prestigious Coco Rocha Model Camp, which has overseen more than 2000+ alumni and has grown to be a global community of empowered and educated models. This elite education has helped many models build skills and understanding of the business side of modeling.

Skills: dance, Japanese, public speaking, styling, hair and make up, yoga, pilates, cooking, writing, acting, social media.

Multiple shows, LA, NY, Arizona.
Profesional Dancer

Skills :
Dance, Hair and Make up acting.

Height: 5’9
Bust: 28
Waist: 25
Dress size: 0/2
Shirt size: Small
Shoe Size: 8